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Compass Bible Church is a bible teaching church based out of Aliso Viejo, CA. Compass has about 3,000 members so it was crucial to build a system that could support the needs of the church as well as have the ability to continually grow.


One framework. Multiple websites.

We knew that Compass Bible Church already had a network of websites for their various ministries and events. We wanted to make a simple solution where all their websites would come from one framework. We accomplished this goal by setting up a WordPress multisite network. WordPress Multisite allowed us to use one framework and create an unlimited amount of child themes.

Child themes were an ideal way to create many ministry subsites that looked identical to the parent website and allowed them to carry over universal styling and functionality. Child themes also allowed us to create websites completely independent from the parent website.

Daily Bible Reading


Compass Bible Church needed an easy solution to generate their daily bible reading. They wanted it in a form of a blog post but with the ability for the most recent post, current date, to display under the subsite.  We setup a script that pulled in the latest post, current date, and created a second blog template that pulled in the styling for the daily bible reading.

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